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The structure of air-suspended power grid for welding line is basically the same as that of air-suspended power grid for assembly line, and the requirements for the steel structure on the roof of the workshop are also basically the same. According to the different requirements of the assembly workshop on the function of the net frame in the lower steel structure to install compressed air pipeline, carbon dioxide pipeline, cable bridge, lighting fixtures, industrial fans, spiral electric pipe and spiral gas pipe and other components, in the production line against the wall side of the setting of special control switches, can be divided into zones of control. In the lower steel structure of the top but also set up the placement of the welding machine, the following but also hanging C-beam, to meet the requirements of the wire feeder and the gun hanging. Mesh frame with power supply (AC380V, AC220), gas source (compressed air, carbon dioxide), lighting, improve the working environment (fan) and other functions, has been widely used in the field of bus production and production.

The functional configuration of the grid frame and the brand of the purchased parts can be specified by the demand side. It can be designed and produced according to the requirements of the customer.

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