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High-level suspension line refers to the production line used to install and assemble vehicle chassis and suspension systems. It is usually located high in the factory to facilitate the operation of workers during the assembly process and provide greater space and vision. The high-level suspension line is a suspended production line that suspends the vehicle chassis and suspension system on the upper track through a suspension device, so that workers can operate freely under the chassis. This design can improve the work efficiency and the smoothness of the production line, reduce the labor intensity and operation difficulty of workers. On the high-position suspension line, workers can perform installation and assembly work under the chassis, such as installing the engine, suspension system, transmission system, braking system, etc. Since the vehicle chassis is suspended from above, workers can operate more easily, and at the same time, they can better observe and inspect the assembly process to ensure quality and accuracy.
There are many ways of high-level suspension line in automobile manufacturing, the common ones include the following: suspension chain high-level suspension line, suspension conveyor belt high-level suspension line, suspension electric vehicle high-level suspension line, suspension robot high-level suspension line.

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