Bus body skeleton closing equipment DYHZ-C


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  Body frame assembly equipment is a common production process used by domestic bus manufacturers for mass production, and it is also the main way to improve product quality and production efficiency. After years of research and development, our company has formed a body frame assembly equipment suitable for the production needs of different bus manufacturers, with different forms of lifter can realize the body frame of the five major assemblies or six major assemblies assembled together, assembled with high precision, stable quality, and convenient and quick to change the type.

  Product introduction:

  Equipment Model:D丫H Z-A

  Characteristics of the equipment: high precision and low price.

  Description of equipment: DYHZ-A series of bus body skeleton assembly equipment for the insertion of the replacement type; equipment positioning window beam and waist beam, window beam for the insertion of the block positioning method, different models for different models.

  The window beam is the insertion block positioning method, different models for different insertion block; waist beam positioning through the analysis frame to move the whole by the positioning method, the equipment only positioning not clamping, in the process of assembly must be with the

  The equipment only locates but does not clamp, and must be equipped with auxiliary tools in the process of fitting. The equipment adopts the overall diffraction frame structure, high strength; equipment to meet the production models, vehicle width! .8-2.55 meters, car length 6-13.7 meters.

  Standard equipment: equipment length 12 meters, with two operation control box.

  Equipment options: floor (or chassis) lifting and positioning device (there are three options: hydraulic lifting, ordinary motor mechanical lifting, servo-driven mechanical lifting); optional skirt positioning.

  Lifting); optional skirt positioning.

  Remarks: It can be made according to the requirements of the demand side.

  Domestic project cases:

  Yutong bus welding line

  Tianjin Yinlong Bus Welding Line & Final Assembly Line

  Overseas Project Cases:

  American BYD new energy bus project

  Algeria Higer Bus & SHACMAN Heavy Truck Project

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