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Intelligent logistics warehousing system is a manifestation of three-dimensional warehouse and distribution and sorting center, which consists of three-dimensional shelves, tracked alley stacker cranes, in/out pallet conveyor system, detection and reading system, communication system, automatic control system, computer monitoring and management, and so on, and it integrates automation control, automatic conveying, automatic sorting before the field and automatic conveying in the field, and realizes automation and intelligentization of physical movement and information management of goods in the warehouse through the software platform of automatic goods entry, management and checking of goods. Through the software platform of goods automatic entry, management and checking goods, it realizes the automation and intelligence of the physical movement and information management of the goods in the warehouse. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cold chain logistics, e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, FMCG and health care industries.

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