Robot Welding Workstation-Aluminum Alloy Laminate Welding Project for Animal Husbandry Special Vehicle Production


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Aluminum Alloy Laminate Welding Project for Special Animal Husbandry Vehicle Production

The livestock and poultry transport vehicle is a newly developed powerful transport tool according to the actual needs of users, which is used to transport piglets, pigs, chickens and other livestock and poultry. This is a high-end transport vehicle designed for the live poultry and livestock transport market.

The transporter is designed to improve the comfort of live poultry and livestock during transportation, reduce mortality, and improve transportation efficiency. Vehicle facilities, high degree of automation. The body is made of aluminum alloy, fully equipped and highly automated. The main task of our project is to complete the high-precision aluminum plate welding of the car body, combined with customer needs and product characteristics, to provide customers with practical and effective automatic welding solutions.

The body of the transport vehicle is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profile. Aluminum plate welding requires high-precision welding, so the requirements for automation are relatively high. With robotic automatic welding technology, we help customers achieve their specific requirements and customize welding solutions.

Zhengzhou multiple automobile equipment Co., Ltd. was established in March 1998. It is a customized development, design, manufacturing and service enterprise of automobile equipment, welding fixture, wire conveying equipment, rolling equipment and various related automation equipment based on professional technology.

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