Large-top middle-skin rolling equipment

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Top-in-top-in-skin rolling equipment is a molding process equipment commonly used by domestic bus companies. After years of practice and accumulation, our company has manufactured large-in-top-in-skin rolling equipment with small footprint, simple operation, high production efficiency, and molding effect Good and other characteristics. Can be designed according to customer needs.

1. large top in the leather roll pressure equipment features:

1. High production efficiency, one car per minute.

2. Long service life, the roller is quenched and plated with hard chromium to ensure the production of 100000 meters.

3. Good safety performance. All transmission parts and feed ports are equipped with protective covers to ensure personal safety.

5. Strong versatility, the groove spacing can be adjusted arbitrarily within the width range of 100-260mm.

6. The structure is reasonable and the area is small, which is conducive to the layout of the production line.

Advantages of 2. roll-formed top skin

1. Increase the flatness and strength of the skin in the large top

2. Reduce the agitation of the bus roof

3. Under the premise of ensuring the quality, the material thickness of the large top skin can be reduced, thereby reducing the cost



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