Intelligent logistics

1What is smart logistics warehousing? Intelligent logistics warehousing refers to using advanced technical means and intelligent systems to automate, intelligently manage, and operate the logistics warehousing process. The automation and optimization of storage environment monitoring, inventory management, order processing, cargo handling, and other links are realized through the application of the Internet of Things, extensive data analysis, artificial intelligence, and other technologies. Why do intelligent logistics warehousing?
Intelligent logistics warehousing can improve the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of logistics warehousing. Through automated equipment and systems, operations such as automatic sorting, automatic storage, and automatic picking can be realized, reducing the complexity and errors of manual processes. At the same time, using extensive data analysis and intelligent algorithms, inventory can be monitored and optimized in real-time to improve the accuracy and efficiency of inventory management. In addition, intelligent logistics warehousing can also use drones, robots, and other technologies to carry out warehouse inspection, cargo handling, and other tasks to improve work efficiency and safety.



What are the application scenarios of intelligent logistics warehousing?
Intelligent logistics warehousing is widely used, covering all logistics links and industries—E-commerce logistics, fresh food logistics, manufacturing logistics, 3PL logistics, cold chain logistics, etc.





What does our intelligent logistics warehousing solution include?
Multi-intelligence through their years of experience and technical expertise, with our self-developed equipment and system integration capabilities, including storage systems, conveying systems, sorting systems, and information systems intelligent logistics warehousing solutions.



What are the advantages of our intelligent logistics warehousing solutions?


System Planning
Our logistics system planning capabilities are based on years of product logistics data analysis, digital simulation accurate calculations, and the accumulation and comparison of logistics planning solutions. We can provide reasonable, lean, and efficient end-to-end logistics solutions to automate storage, handling, and sorting, reduce manual operations and time waste, and improve warehousing efficiency and accuracy.


Logistics equipment
We have independently developed a variety of automated logistics equipment such as an intelligent sorting system, intelligent automatic storage system, intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, AGV conveyor, stacker, and plane warehouse. We can provide a single or integrated innovative logistics equipment system according to customer needs.


5G Industrial Internet of Things
Through the Internet of Things technology and data analysis, the storage environment, inventory situation, and logistics process can be monitored in real-time, and the storage process's real-time monitoring and management ability can be improved. Intelligent logistics warehousing systems can provide faster and more accurate warehousing services and enhance customer satisfaction and rapid response ability.


We can provide consultation, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and after-sales according to customer needs and provide you with more efficient and reliable logistics and warehousing services. The characteristics of intelligence, networking, flexibility, and integration can help you improve efficiency, accuracy, and safety, reduce costs, adapt to market demand, and strengthen your corporate competitiveness and customer satisfaction.




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