development process


In 2001, with the tide of the new era of the new century, Zhengzhou diversified came into being. After over 20 years of ups and downs in the industry, it has cultivated the enterprise spirit of "doing a project and building a monument" and the business philosophy of "honesty based on the market and high-quality products contributing to society.

Initial stage Growth stage Growth stage Transition stage


With the continuous development of the company's scale and business, the company changed its name to Zhengzhou Duoyuan Bus Equipment Co., Ltd. and entered the domestic bus field.


The Duoyuan company's business continued to expand and successfully developed the first body frame combined tire, once again providing high-quality non-standard equipment for Yutong buses.


With continuous innovation, research, and development, the company successfully launched the first side wall skin pressure equipment, which has been recognized and applied by Yutong Bus.


Zhengzhou Duoyuan Application Technology Co., Ltd. was formally founded, and since then, it has begun a journey of exploration in the bus non-standard equipment industry. The following year, the company started cooperating with Yutong Bus to provide exclusive non-standard tooling.


The company successfully won the bid for the land boat welding line and assembly line project, the largest project in the total amount of a single business contract undertaken by the company since its establishment.


The company successfully won the bid for all the welding line equipment, final assembly line, and chassis line of the new plant in Yangzijiang, Wuhan, realizing the era of sales from stand-alone sales to the whole line.


The company's first CNC side wall skin pressure equipment research and development success was successfully applied to the Yutong bus. Since then, the company's products have been in the era of automation.


The company once again innovated and successfully developed the first domestic variable cross-section side wall skin pressure equipment, and the Zhongtong bus has been successfully applied.


The company's non-standard bus equipment went abroad for the first time, successfully entered Angola, and was put into use.


China's first all-aluminum body frame tire was successfully developed and applied to Zhejiang Zhongche Tram Company—the realization of CNC positioning and drilling for the domestic initiative.


The company's first skin automatic welding equipment was successfully developed and applied to Chery Guizhou Wanda, Sichuan Xinzhu Tonggong, and other customers.


The company's first (and also the first in China) numerical control body frame assembly was successfully developed and successfully applied to the new Yutong particular vehicle factory, overcoming the problems of poor positioning accuracy and slow replacement of the original car body frame, which is a revolutionary progress in the car body frame assembly.


The company completed the shareholding system reform and changed its name to Zhengzhou Duoyuan Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd., representing its future higher and further development goals.


The company continues to challenge new technological highs and complete benchmarking automation projects in the passenger car industry, such as The Wuling body-in-white welding production line.


The company set up an international business unit to explore overseas markets in Germany, the United States, Thailand, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and other places and set up offices in Bangkok, Thailand, and Yangon, Myanmar.


The company has reached a deep cooperation with KUKA in Germany and has become an integrator of KUKA robots in central China, thus achieving breakthroughs in the automation field.


The company's first passenger car welding line project successfully landed, officially from the bus equipment to the passenger car field; the same year, it changed its name to Zhengzhou Duoyuan Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd.