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This equipment is suitable for the installation of engine assembly on the full-load production chassis assembly line. It has the functions of lifting, engine assembly inclination, y-direction translation adjustment and automatic walking mechanism. The lifting device adopts scissor hydraulic station for lifting. The lifting force of a single machine can be designed according to needs, and has hydraulic lock or mechanical self-locking function. The inclination angle of the engine assembly can be adjusted freely within the range of 0-15 degrees. The adjustment range of Y direction is based on the center, and the left and right sides can move 120mm respectively. The hydraulic station is driven by a three-phase asynchronous motor, the power line is 40m long, and manual reel winding and unwinding are adopted. All control valves are equipped with solenoid valves, which are superimposed and installed. The pipeline layout is reasonable. The control switch is installed in a fixed control cabinet, which is convenient for actual operation. Two people can easily complete the swing, steering and artificial push, and in the process of walking and operation is safe and reliable, lifting and the adjustment of flexible, stable, no crawling phenomenon.

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