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 Robot gripper device is mainly used in automated handling, palletizing and other industries. The type of gripper should be customized according to the material, specification, size and weight of the object. Commonly used grippers include bag palletizing, plate material frame profiling, electromagnet, pneumatic suction cup and other forms, which can be customized according to customer needs.

In the excavation process of hydropower tunnels, railway tunnels, highway tunnels, underground powerhouses and other underground projects, the anchoring support of tunnel section is an important process. The operation mode of anchoring support is drilling, fixing anchor rod and grouting operation, and then steel mesh construction. Grabbing anchor rod and grabbing steel mesh are two important functions of anchoring support operation.
Anchor trolley is a common equipment for anchoring and supporting operation in underground engineering construction. However, at present, the common anchor grabbing method of anchor trolley is manual lifting or the structure of the arm frame itself is designed with an anchor warehouse device for storing anchor rods, and most anchor trolley does not have the function of grabbing steel nets, and some anchor trolley has the function of grabbing steel nets, but grabbing anchor rods and grabbing steel nets are two sets of independent structures. The aforementioned method of manually lifting the anchor rod is inefficient, labor-intensive, and requires a work platform to be set up, which has certain safety hazards; if the boom design anchor library device and the structure of the steel mesh are arranged independently, the boom The structure is large in size and heavy in weight, which affects the compactness of the whole machine.

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