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Equipment model: D ya H Z-A

Equipment features: high precision, low price

Description of equipment: DYHZ-A series bus body frame assembly equipment is plug-in type; The equipment locates the upper beam of the window and the waist beam. The upper beam of the window is a plug-in block positioning method. Different models are replaced with different plug-in blocks. The waist beam positioning is carried out by the positioning method of moving the whole frame. This equipment only locates without clamping and is assembled together.

The process must be equipped with auxiliary tools. The equipment adopts the overall truss structure with high strength; the equipment meets the production model, the vehicle width is 8-2.55 meters, and the vehicle length is 6-13.7 meters.

Equipment standard: equipment 12 meters long, with two operation control box.

Optional equipment: floor (or chassis) lifting positioning device (there are three options: hydraulic lifting, ordinary motor mechanical lifting, servo-driven mechanical lifting); optional skirt positioning.

Optional skirt alignment.

Note: It can be made according to the requirements of the buyer.

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