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Equipment model: DYHZ-B

Equipment features: universal, high precision, high cost performance

Equipment description: DYHZ-B series bus body frame assembling machine is of manual adjustment type, and the whole equipment adopts manual overall adjustment of turbine screw lift part. The equipment locates the window column, waist beam and skirt. The waist beam can be raised and lowered in the height direction of the vehicle, the skirt can be extended in the width direction of the vehicle, and the window column is extended in the width direction of the vehicle. The equipment adopts an integral truss structure with high strength. The equipment is positioned as a universal manual adjustment type, which can meet the requirements of production models, with a vehicle width of 1.8~2.55 meters and a vehicle length of 6~13.7 meters.

Standard equipment: the equipment is 12 meters long, equipped with two operation control boxes, and the pneumatic part adopts Yadke products.

Equipment selection: floor (or chassis) lifting positioning device (there are three options: hydraulic lifting, ordinary motor mechanical lifting, servo-driven mechanical lifting); can choose ordinary motor or servo motor instead of manual. Remarks: The brand of the pneumatic part can be specified by the Purchaser. Can be produced according to the requirements of the demand side.

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