Automatic spot welding equipment for duplex top position cover skin

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After the large roof frame and skin are positioned on the equipment and the skin is tightened by the hydraulic tensioner, the double-sided single spot welding machine fixed on the gantry frame and the accompanying trolley moves synchronously with the gantry frame and the accompanying trolley and applies pressure for spot welding. A cylinder is installed on each electrode. The skin and the skeleton are pressed by the cylinder (the pressure is adjustable) between the two electrodes, and the resistance heat generated by the current flowing through the contact surface of the workpiece and the adjacent area is heated to a melted state, thereby achieving welding The purpose of the workpiece.

Overall planning of 1. station and equipment:

I. Top cover welding is divided into three work stations:

1.1 Top skin tensioning and fixing station: CO2 welding and fixing one end of the skin; tensioning; CO2 welding and fixing the other end of the skin; the top edge skin and the frame edge longitudinal beam shall be welded by CO2.

Automatic spot welding station for 1.2 top skin: the process trolley lifts the top cover, automatically walks to the welding station, and places the top cover; Automatic spot welding of 2 welds, and the roof is covered.

The skin, top edge skin and top frame are welded together at the same time.

1.3 auxiliary position: repair welding of the top skin, open the air conditioner and roof window hole, and wear the air conditioner and cylinder bolt.

2. equipment characteristic requirements:

The 2.1 adopts double-station equipment: divided into skin tensioning, gluing and spot fixing stations; Large span and small span brake spot welding stations; The total length of the equipment is 33 meters.

After the 2.2 is tensioned and fixed, the top cover is sent to the automatic spot welding station by the process trolley, which is electrically controlled and automatically transported.

2.3 open programming, parameter preset storage fast, easy to call, with memory function.

The large-span (1000mm) spot welding and point-by-point (40-100mm) welding of the 2.4 top skin are automatically completed, and the welding distance can be set by person.

3. time beat:

The beat of the double-station equipment can reach 20 minutes/set, and each shift has 24 sets for 8 hours.

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