Mine lifting industry: end beam welding workstation

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The end beam welding workstation is equipped with two sets of inverted walking devices, two sets of welding robots, one set of material conveying mechanism, two sets of gun cleaning and wire cutting systems and multiple sets of automatic tooling fixtures. After the materials are delivered in place, the jacking mechanism is lifted up and transferred to the welding station. After the automatic positioning is completed, the robot performs welding. After the welding in this station is completed, the workpiece will automatically flow to the next station. The robot is equipped with a walking device and is installed upside down, which greatly improves the operating range. The overall layout of the workstation is suitable for workpieces with large overall size (beyond the operating radius of the welding robot) or workpieces that require multi-station switching welding operations.

Welding robots are industrial robots engaged in welding (including cutting and spraying). According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) definition of an industrial robot as a standard welding robot, an industrial robot is a multi-purpose, re-programmable automatic control manipulator (Manipulator) with three or more programmable axes, used in the field of industrial automation. In order to adapt to different purposes, the mechanical interface of the last axis of the robot is usually a connecting flange, which can be equipped with different tools or end effectors. Welding robot is in the end of the industrial robot flange is attached to the welding tongs or welding (cutting) gun, so that it can be welded, cut or thermal spraying.

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