Automatic robot welding workstation for aluminum parts

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The automatic robot welding workstation for aluminum parts is composed of a KUKA robot, two turning machine mechanisms and two sets of welding fixture platforms. This workstation is exported to Tunisia. The customer is very satisfied with the weld!

Welding of 32 aluminum templates per hour
Fully automated production line, no manual
High processing accuracy, no secondary correction after welding
The weld size of the program control is uniform and stable, and the appearance is beautiful.

Aluminum formwork, also known as aluminum alloy formwork, is a building formwork made of aluminum alloy, which solves the defects of traditional formwork in the past and greatly improves the construction efficiency. The aluminum membrane plate tooling in this scheme is simple and practical, each positioning and pressing mechanism is adjustable, can adapt to multi-specification workpieces, has a high degree of flexibility, and adopts a fast clamping mechanism, which is convenient and quick to operate. This tooling has formed a modular combined tooling, which can be configured according to specific workpieces.

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