Special Vehicle Solution-Automatic Welding Production Line for Dump Compartment Plate


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Industry Introduction

In our country, special vehicles are vehicles that are equipped with various special equipment for specific operations. A transport vehicle is a vehicle that has been modified to transport specialized goods. With the development of my country's economy, special vehicles have also benefited from my country's huge market scale and infrastructure market, especially the rapid development of engineering special vehicles. There are still some technical problems and industry pain points in the production and manufacturing of special vehicles, which require professional solutions. Program.


Diversified development of the dump truck parametric programming system: through the touch screen input workpiece size parameters, automatic generation of robot programs, to solve the dump truck "small batch, multi-species, complex programming" industry problems. Multiplex robotic welding systems solve the production problems of blanking and assembly inaccuracies through detection and specific algorithms.

The robot system is simple to operate, and one general worker can replace multiple professional welders, reducing labor costs and reducing the difficulty of recruitment. On the basis of not changing the efficiency of the original process, the process of applying anti-splash liquid and polishing splash particles is saved.

The multi-equipment puts forward specific implementation methods from the aspects of improving intelligence and optimizing process schemes, and successfully solves these difficulties and achieves good results.

Company Introduction

Diversified equipment is located in Xihuan Automobile Industrial Park, Zhongmou County, Zhengzhou City, 5 kilometers away from Yaojia Station of Zhengmin Expressway, with convenient transportation and developed automobile industry. The company has 200 employees, including 50 long-term professional technicians and more than 100 experienced technicians and technicians. The company is equipped with a special after-sales service team. The company has passed the ISO90001:2008 international quality system certification. Relying on the automotive industry, the company has access to cutting-edge industrial automation technology and has accumulated rich experience in non-standard tooling, equipment, fixtures, station appliances and automated wire bodies. In order to expand the scale, the company has expanded the automation technology of the automobile industry and applied it to other industries. It has established a robot automation division, focusing on robot welding system solutions, and has successfully applied the technology to special vehicles, agricultural machinery, coal mining machinery, Welding of mining machinery and other products.


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