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The height of the power grid column of the final assembly line is tentatively determined to be 3 meters. If Party A has special requirements, the height of the column can be adjusted according to the actual situation. According to the plant structure, the grid can be column or suspended. The steel structure column adopts thick-walled square pipe, and the lower end of the column is welded with the embedded parts for secondary pouring. The upper part of the steel structure is connected by trusses, considering the installation of compressed air pipes, trunking, lighting, fans, etc. The compressed air system is mainly composed of main pipeline and branch pipeline, and the lower part of the branch pipeline is connected with air bag to ensure the air consumption of the line body. The station lighting is installed on both sides of the production line, which adopts Philips LED grille lamp. The industrial wall fan is installed on the steel structure column, and one industrial wall fan is installed on each column, with a diameter of 650mm. The power box is arranged at about 1.5 m height on the side of each steel structure column.

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